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Sonoscan Ships New Gen5™ C-SAM® Model

Elk Grove Village, IL — January 15, 2007

Sonoscan today announced that the first shipments of the Gen5™ Scanning Acoustic Microscope were made during their most recent fiscal quarter. This newest addition to the family of C-SAM® C-Mode instruments was initially introduced at the Semicon West show in July, 2006. Due to its enthusiastic reception, development was completed and the first customer orders were accepted in late summer.

What sets the Gen5 acoustic microscope apart is a blend of advanced technology - including Sonoscan’s TurboSpeed™ scanning - and ergonomic advantages, including a more accessible scan tower.

The Gen5 transducer scans an enlarged area measuring >12 in. x >12 in., enabling it to scan a 300mm silicon wafer or two standard JEDEC trays. Gen5 transducers range from 5 MHz (low resolution) to 400 MHz (very high resolution).

The new C-SAM acoustic microscope continues the tradition of having the industry’s fastest ultrasonic scanner, powered by a precision linear motor that provides unmatched repeatability in the x, y and z axes of ±0.5 micron. Included as standard equipment on the Gen5 system is Sonoscan’s TurboSpeed™ scanner that can increase the already fast scan speed by a factor of up to 2.5 without loss of resolution.

Sonoscan’s well-known Virtual Rescanning Module™ (VRM), which permits collection of acoustic data for storage as a Virtual Sample that can be imaged after testing or failure of the physical part, is included in the Gen5 system.

Available for enhancing the capabilities of VRM are the Profile Imaging module for nondestructive cross-sectioning of the Virtual Sample, and the Frequency Domain Imaging (FDI™) module to transform an acoustic image into several single-frequency images.

The redesigned scan tower features improved lighting and a larger opening for handling both large and small sample quantities.

In addition to its unparalleled combination of high speed and high resolution, the new system includes the selectable Survey Mode™ that can reduce scan time as much as 75%.

For more information about the Gen5 system, contact Steve Martell, manager of technical support services.

Redesigned scan tower (at left) is a key feature of Sonoscan’s new Gen5™ C-SAM®.

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About Sonoscan®: Sonoscan is the leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes and sophisticated acoustic micro imaging systems, widely used for nondestructive analysis of defects in industrial products and semiconductor devices. For over 30 years, Sonoscan’s attention to customer needs and investment in R&D has created systems that set industry standards for speed and accuracy. Key products include C-SAM® systems for off-line and laboratory analysis and FACTS2™ for automated production inspection.

Through its SonoLab division Sonoscan applications engineers, with experience totaling more than two centuries in acoustic microscopy, assist hundreds of customers annually in solving materials problems and quality control issues. SonoLab operates applications testing laboratories in multiple global locations to serve the inspection needs of customers that do not have their own capability.