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ME—Ceramic Chip Capacitor
Internal defects such as delaminations, cracks and voids within ceramic chip capacitors can lead to product failure.

Automated Bonded Wafer Inspection Tool From Sonoscan

Elk Grove Village, IL — December 7, 2007

Sonoscan has introduced the AW200™ Series C-SAM® acoustic micro imaging system, which performs automated inspection, analysis and sorting of bonded wafers up to 200mm (8 in.) in diameter.

To avoid immersing the bonded wafer pair in water - a technique that can conceal defects - the AW200 images wafer pairs with Sonoscan’s proprietary Waterfall™ transducer.  After imaging, the wafer pair is automatically dried.

The AW200 employs Sonoscan-designed very high frequency transducers capable of detecting inter-wafer voids as small as 5 microns in diameter and as thin as 0.02 micron (0.0000008 in.).  The transducers scan the wafer at the same high speed as other C-SAM instruments thereby providing the highest scanning throughput in the industry. The two high-precision robotic arms that handle the wafer pairs permit even higher throughput.

Automated analysis of the acoustic data accurately determines the bonded/non-bonded areas, the number and sizes of voids, zero level package seal integrity, and the accept/reject status of the wafer pair according to the user’s criteria.

Sonoscan’s AW200 automatically inspects bonded wafer pairs for voids and other defects.

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About Sonoscan®: Sonoscan is the leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes and sophisticated acoustic micro imaging systems, widely used for nondestructive analysis of defects in industrial products and semiconductor devices. For over 30 years, Sonoscan’s attention to customer needs and investment in R&D has created systems that set industry standards for speed and accuracy. Key products include C-SAM® systems for off-line and laboratory analysis and FACTS2™ for automated production inspection.

Through its SonoLab division Sonoscan applications engineers, with experience totaling more than two centuries in acoustic microscopy, assist hundreds of customers annually in solving materials problems and quality control issues. SonoLab operates applications testing laboratories in multiple global locations to serve the inspection needs of customers that do not have their own capability.