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ME—Ceramic Chip Capacitor
Internal defects such as delaminations, cracks and voids within ceramic chip capacitors can lead to product failure.

Mil/Aero Reliability Inspection for Latent Defects

Elk Grove Village, IL — March 2, 2010

Sonoscan has publicly announced Sonoscan Critical Evaluation™ (SCE), a confidential service that acoustically inspects critical electronic components such as hybrids, capacitors and plastic-encapsulated microcircuits used in military and aerospace systems. The service became active in mid-2009.

Acoustic Micro Imaging nondestructively images hidden latent defects such as delaminations, cracks and voids - for example, a delamination on the face of a silicon chip. It also characterizes materials such as encapsulants.

SCE handles individual components, hybrid devices, and printed wiring boards. The purpose of imaging is to locate, identify and analyze internal anomalies that can cause electrical failures in service, such as die attach voids in a hybrid device or singulation cracks in a capacitor.

In some applications, the interest is on purely mechanical features in items such as micro spot welds or multi-layer composite materials.

Two groups work together to provide SCE:

  • the SonoLab® applications laboratory personnel; and
  • hardware engineering, machine shop, software engineering and other Sonoscan departments that give specific support as needed.

Typically client engineers handle their own parts and load them into a laboratory C-SAM® system in a secure, certified room at the Elk Grove Village SonoLab®. Acoustic imaging, according to the client's requirements, is supervised by Sonoscan specialists who apply their expertise in critical areas such as image interpretation and the use of alternate imaging techniques to achieve the component reliability required by the client.

The various Sonoscan departments can quickly design adapted fixtures to hold parts, or modify programs to provide the optimum imaging for the critical parts.

SCE gives the client company's engineers the control they need over testing and evaluation of their parts as well as the in-house resources to meet the full spectrum of challenges that are part of advanced testing of critical components.

For more information, contact SonoLab manager Ray Thomas at 847.437-6400 x 245.

3-D acoustic image of hybrid device. Arrow indicates internal defect.

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About Sonoscan®: Sonoscan is the leading developer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes and sophisticated acoustic micro imaging systems, widely used for nondestructive analysis of defects in industrial products and semiconductor devices. For over 30 years, Sonoscan’s attention to customer needs and investment in R&D has created systems that set industry standards for speed and accuracy. Key products include C-SAM® systems for off-line and laboratory analysis and FACTS2™ for automated production inspection.

Through its SonoLab division Sonoscan applications engineers, with experience totaling more than two centuries in acoustic microscopy, assist hundreds of customers annually in solving materials problems and quality control issues. SonoLab operates applications testing laboratories in multiple global locations to serve the inspection needs of customers that do not have their own capability.