Custom Programs


Acoustic Surface Flatness (ASF)
Provides surface flatness and warpage images, while obtaining C-SAM images of internal features.

Custom Programs

Custom Training Programs

Maximize your capabilities! Experience a custom training program based on your specific needs and objectives. SonoLab’s acoustic application engineers will perform a free needs analysis and create a customized program. We’ll then conduct your training at your location or at a SonoLab facility near you.

Whether you have new personnel or new applications, wish to improve data and image interpretation skills, or want to learn the most advanced inspection methods for your specific situation, Sonoscan custom training will provide a lasting benefit to your organization.

Learn how to fully benefit from these and other advanced features:

  • Perform a complete analysis of a sample,even after it is no longer available
  • Set accurate automatic accept/reject analysis
  • Maximize depth analysis capabilities
  • Automate routine analyses
  • Efficiently evaluate components in fewer scans
  • Document settings and results for records, training or reports

Set up a free, no-obligation needs analysis and custom program recommendation

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