Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™
Utilizes an echo (amplitude & polarity) arrival ‘time’ as a reference, such as standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Mode type images.


Microscopic voids, cracks and delaminations can escape conventional electrical testing, lying in wait to cause your component to fail. Keep an eye out for more seminars to come to get acquainted with how C-SAM® (C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopes) can provide answers to some of the most complex component reliability questions. You’ll be introduced to C-SAM, the principles of ultrasound, and various applications and case studies. You will learn how you can inspect and upscreen parts to industry standards, differentiate between bond and disbond at interfaces within a variety of materials, and identify defects that can’t be visualized by any other technique, including X-ray.

Would you like to see how C-SAM works on your particular parts? Just bring along a component, and our experienced SonoLab™ acoustic professionals will perform a component analysis free of charge.

Program Overview

  • Introduction to Acoustic Micro Imaging
  • Defect Detection & Applications Overview
  • Hands-On Equipment Demonstration
  • Attendee Component Analyses

Materials Applications

  • Bond, weld & joint characterization
  • Impact damage & fatigue assessment
  • Isolate material property variations
  • Measure material density, porosity, inclusions, discontinuities, etc.
  • Assess interface adhesion

Upcoming Free Seminars

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