Medical Delaminations


Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™
Utilizes an echo (amplitude & polarity) arrival ‘time’ as a reference, such as standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Mode type images.

Medical Delaminations

Diagnostic Medical Device PCB Interface Delaminations - Application Note 2543

Medical Delaminations

Sample & Method

A portion of a diagnostic medical device. Planar C-SAM image.


A cavity in the device (out of image at top) receives a sample of a bodily fluid for analysis. Vertical red areas in the acoustic image are electrodes leading to the cavity. The electrodes are insulated from each other by plastic structures (gray). Acoustic imaging was performed through a plastic layer bonded to a substrate in which channels have been formed for the electrodes.

At the left of this image, portions of the plastic insulators are absent from the acoustic image because the overlying plastic layer has delaminated from the substrate below it. The electrodes are therefore no longer electrically insulated from each other.