Head Sink and Adhesive


Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™
Utilizes an echo (amplitude & polarity) arrival ‘time’ as a reference, such as standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Mode type images.

Head Sink and Adhesive

Flip Chip Heat Sink Attach - Application Note 355

Head Sink and Adhesive
Acoustic image showing head sink and adhesive, no significant defects

Sample & Method

A flip chip having an adhesively attached heat sink was imaged from the top side at 100 MHz. Gating is on the interface between the heat sink and the back of the die.


The dark square area at center is the die. The heat sink is considerably larger than the die and has four cutouts (white and tan features). Note the somewhat irregular outline of the adhesive layer (dark brown). No significant defects are present at this depth in the package.