C-SAM vs. Other Techniques


Time Domain Imaging (TDI)™
Utilizes an echo (amplitude & polarity) arrival ‘time’ as a reference, such as standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Mode type images.

C-SAM vs. Other Techniques

Sonoscan C-SAM® vs. Other Techniques

X-Ray vs. AMI

AMI and X-ray are complementary techniques that are frequently found in the same laboratories, but they reveal different features. Where X-ray relies on differential attenuation of the X-ray energy, AMI relies on material change. The practical result is that AMI is orders of magnitude more sensitive for detecting air space type defects such as voids, delaminations and cracks.

Infrared vs. AMI

Infrared is an inspection technique that is based on how the infrared energy transmits through a material. Since air space type defects do not transmit the infrared energy as well as continuous material, this technique is sometimes used to inspect for voids and delaminations. Although this technique can produce a picture very quickly, it is highly limited by the materials under inspection and the details achievable. AMI, on the other hand, takes a little longer to generate an image but the practical result is that the images are of much higher detail. Plus AMI is not limited by the materials under inspection.