Flip Chip
300 MHz image showing void (red) in underfill.


A large-area scan bed, semiautomated acoustic microscope used for component screening applications and analysis.

A large-area scan bed, semiatumated acoustic microscope used for component screening applications and analysis.

The J610 is typically used as a factory floor instrument capable of scanning printed circuit boards and plate-like samples up to 610 mm sq., or accommodating up to six JEDEC trays of components at one time. The system delivers the robustness and accuracy of Sonoscan’s most popular D9600 tool, but with larger area coverage. In addition, individual areas of interest can be programmed to be performed without operator assistance, freeing operator personnel for other duties while the inspection is in progress.

During the initial scan, the J610 can be taught the x-y coordinates of each interest zone. It also learns the z coordinate and, equally important, the specific internal depth to be scanned. For a flip chip, for example, the level of interest may be the die-to-underfill interface. For a conventional IC package or a BGA, the level of interest may be the die attach. The J610 software can even store gating information for multiple depths of interest using PolyGate.

In a printed Circuit board application, since not all components will have the exact same position from board-to-board, the J610 can intelligently detect the actual x, y, and z coordinates and make minor adjustments as needed. In its auto made the tool can automatically analyze each image. For example, if it detects a void in a die attach layer, software measures the area of the void as a percentage of the whole die attach area. This makes it much easier to comply with standards such as Mil-Std-883, Method 2030, and makes it easier to determine the significance of any defect.

At the end of the scan, you’ll have a clear "acoustic picture" of the board. If there are a few components which should be replaced, you’ll know exactly which components they are, and the reason for rework. If the ‘same’ component is defective on multiple boards, the assembly process problem can be identified and solved.

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  • Large-Area, Inertially Balanced Linear Scanner with counterweight to minimize vibrations and ensure optimal scanning results.
  • AutoScan™ allows you to program specific scan parameters and coordinates to quickly and repeatedly analyze specific regions of interest on multiple samples.
  • Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to quantify the acoustic data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria.
  • Multi-Language OS & Visual Acoustics™ interface allows technicians and operators to work in their native language. Includes English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Temperature Control options to maintain precise water temperature and ensure consistent imaging throughout the day, regardless of changes in ambient air temperature.
  • Applications Setup Wizard™ and C-SAM Interactive™ helps users easily learn and set up new applications for optimal results.
  • Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode (Q-BAM™) incorporates Sonoscan’s proprietary B-scan mode to provide a virtual cross-sectional view with accurate polarity and depth data.