D9600Z™ C‑SAM®


Flip Chip
300 MHz image showing void (red) in underfill.

D9600Z™ C‑SAM®

For Power Module Inspection

This is the first acoustic microscope with an inverted transducer to permit scanning samples from the bottom side. Bottom-side scanning is necessary for many IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) modules where top side components must be kept away from the water used to couple the ultrasound from the transducer to the sample. The D9600Z is configured to inspect two modules simultaneously via two stages with Sonomatched™ transducers and WaterPlume™ couplers.

Pulsing ultrasound into the heat sink, the scanning transducer receives echoes from material interfaces that the operator has selected. The return echoes may be gated at various interfaces such as at the solder attaching the heat sink to the ceramic rafts. Voids, non-bonds, cracks or other gaps at this depth will appear bright white on the acousic data due to the very high reflection level. Well-bonded interfaces will be gray.

The operator can also set the gates gate on the rafts, the die attach, the die or any depth of interest. By using the innovative PolyGate™ software, the operator can select up to 100 gates – and each gate will display its own acoustic image.

Such versatility naturally lends itself to precise analysis of internal defects and to making internal measurements of layer thicknesses, such as a solder layer using the Time Difference™ module. This software module also maps thickness variations over the entire area of a sample and displays the information in image form.

Download D9600Z™ PDF Brochure


  • WaterPlume™ scans from beneath the module, reducing handling time and keeping critical components dry and protected from contaminants.
  • Available in Single and Dual WaterPlume™ configurations.
  • WaterPlume™ Base Fixture for standard IGBT power modules tooling with additional splash suppression.
  • Integrated air knives for drying the underside of the modules after testing.
  • PolyGate™ technology with Multi-Gate™ and Probing-Gate™ functions capable of single and multi-focus imaging.
  • Simultaneously captures up to 100 depths of interest with independent gains, color maps and waveform analysis techniques as small as 1nS.
  • Windows® 7 for multi-language operation in English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.