AW™ Series C‑SAM®


Flip Chip
300 MHz image showing void (red) in underfill.

AW™ Series C‑SAM®

Operator-Free Wafer Inspection, Analysis and Sorting

The AW™ Series are advanced high-capacity, high throughput automated wafer C-SAM® instruments specialized to deliver maximum sensitivity for the evaluation of wafer and device level applications.

Sonoscan's large-area white automated wafer CSAM acoustic microscope with multiple screens.

The AW series can deliver better than 5 micron sensitivity, throughputs that are approximately two times faster than competitive systems and non­‑immersion scanners that eliminate false positives due to DI water ingression.

The AW Series automatically handles, inspects and sorts wafers based on user-defined accept/reject criteria. The system is designed to handle wafer level products (BSI sensors, SOI, MEMS, LEDs, Chip-on-Wafer and Unpolished Wafers) manufactured by virtually any method, including bonding processes using direct fusion, anodic, glass frit and epoxy bonding.

  • Direct bond techniques - users of the system have found that yields can be significantly improved by inspecting at three production stages—after initial bonding by Van der Waals forces, after annealing and after thinning.
  • MEMS devices - cavity seals quality can be examined prior to singulating.
  • Raw, unpolished wafers - detect natural voids that cause “pinholes” during further processing.
  • LEDs - examine the bonding of the layers automatically on a die-by-die basis and sort bad and suspect die.

The AW Series takes advantage of Sonoscan’s proprietary high acoustic frequency lenses, which are designed in-house, to obtain the most detailed images. Special lenses are required since the materials used in these applications, such as Silicon, Sapphire, Glass, GaAs, etc., can be very transparent to ultrasound. Delamination with the separation between the wafers as thin as 200Å Angstroms can be detected.

The AW300 Series delivers fully automated inspection, is SECS/GEM compliant and can be customized to your requirements.

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  • Sonoscan’s Waterfall™ Transducer provides non-immersion scanning which minimizes the risk of contamination and false bond indications.
  • Dual loadports (optional) for larger batch capacity with loadports for 300mm FOUP or FSOB carriers, for 200mm SMIFs and for 100mm to 200mm cassettes are available.
  • Sonoscan’s automated analysis software accurately determines percentage of bond and/or non-bonded, void size and count, open cavity seals and minimum seal width as well as an automatic accept/suspect/reject based on user defined criteria.
  • 500 MHz bandwidth pulser/receiver and ultra-high resolution transducers are designed and manufactured by Sonoscan for optimum performance and to generate superior images.
  • Class 1000 clean room rated and Class 100 clean room rated are available.