WaterPlume™ Transducer


Flip Chip
300 MHz image showing void (red) in underfill.

WaterPlume™ Transducer

WaterPlume™ keeps the top surface dry.

The normal method to protect critical components from direct water exposure while scanning is to flip the product so the sensitive side is facing down, away from the flow of water. This not only requires substantial manual work, but still leaves the sensitive side susceptible to contamination from water splash back. For example, in IGBT Power Modules any contaminants on the sensitive side may act as a conductor and cause a failure. Devices used in high current and high voltage applications are an excellent application for WaterPlume scanning.

The WaterPlume inverted scanner couples the ultrasonic transducer to the part from underneath, eliminating the operator’s need to flip the product over when loading the machine. Utilizing the natural force of gravity, the plume of water constantly makes contact while the system scans the part, providing sufficient pressure but not enough water to go over the top. Thus, the water level stays below the top while scanning.

Eliminating the need to flip the product greatly speeds up the efficiency between scans and reduces the opportunity for human error during handling.

US and foreign patents pending.

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